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Group Classes



Early Puppyhood EducationWe now know that puppies benefit from an early start to their education, just like children! Join us at Dogs in the Park up to six times each week for fun with your family and your puppy. Puppies will learn about meeting and greeting new people, appropriate outlets for chewing, toilet training and much, much more!

Our Every Puppy's Education (EPE) program is specifically designed to give your puppy the best start possible by addressing his social and learning needs in a group class environment. We have lots of handling and play sessions to enhance your puppy's ability to interact safely and positively with everyone he will meet throughout his life. We also teach you to teach your dog to sit, lie down, touch a target (very helpful when teaching him to heel!), go to his mat, stay and come when called. Our staff regularly attend conferences to learn the latest information about puppy development and learning, ensuring that you will have the chance to learn the best methods for training your dog. Before each puppy class we sanitize the floors to make sure that your puppy will be as safe as possible.

EPE students get access to our unique, weekly, outdoor & off leash PUPPY WALKS! Your pup builds their obedience and social skills out in the real world, guided by one of our Certified Professional Dog Trainers! Our 7 weekly, drop-in puppy classes, combine with our free puppy play groups and our puppy walks to provide you and your pup with the best early socialization and obedience training program available!

Puppies must be between the ages of 8 weeks and 19 weeks on the first day of class to participate, so all participants will be in a similar developmental stage throughout the class.

Schedule: Classes are available during the evenings, days, and on the weekends!

Duration: 8 weeks, 7 drop-in classes per week, plus Play Group and Puppy Walk

Cost: $379.99 (HST included) per puppy, family members and friends are welcome to join in!



Levels UnlimitedAt Dogs in the Park, we know that people lead very busy lives, so we have tailored our obedience program to meet the needs of active families on the go. Attendance is based on a gym membership model where you purchase a membership for eight weeks at a time, and you can attend as many classes during that time as you are able to fit in. Many of our students choose specific times and days to come, while others come out to a class almost every day. Each student must attend an orientation class, by appointment before they start, much like a gym may require you to go through an orientation at the beginning of your membership. As you progress through the levels, you can earn access to an extra class on an instructor’s recommendation. All of our sport classes require minimum levels skills to participate. Be sure to check out our ALL SMALL class for dogs under 10kgs and our ALL TALL class for dogs over 10kgs.

Inspired by Sue Ailsby's Levels Program, Levels UNLIMITED is specifically designed to build a strong, working relationship between you and your dog while you work towards the goals YOU choose. A strong emphasis is placed on developing a well behaved family pet; while giving you all the preparation you need for fun & safe participation in our advanced specialty classes in dog sports.

Achieve specific benchmarks and you can earn your way into our advanced classes: Rally Moves, Competitive Obedience, Leash Club, Treibball, Games Night, and our unique outdoor & off leash dog walks!

Each Level adds new behaviours, such as Come-when-called, Stand Stays, Eye Contact, Retrieving, Scent work, and Loose Leash Walking. Additionally each level increases the complexity of behaviours through added distractions, distance and duration of behaviours. Levels Class builds a strong, working relationship between you and your dog, a dog who is a willing partner, eager to learn, and happy to work.

With Levels Unlimited, you can take up to 12 classes a week on 6 days. We will soon be adding more classes and days, for the ultimate in flexibility!

Schedule: Class are available during mornings, afternoons, evenings, and on the weekends. Contact us for the current timetable.

Eight Weeks: $379.99(HST included) per dog

Discounts available when you renew your membership!



Levels Unlimited Ultimate
Do you enjoy training your dog and want to take it to the next level? Consider our Levels Unlimited Ultimate packages. Train for 6 months or a year and take advantage of deep discounts and many added perks.

LEVELS ULTIMATE (6 months): $1249.99 (a SAVINGS of more than $275 off the regular cost) gets you 6 months of Levels UNLIMITED classes, PLUS 1 Workshop, PLUS 2 private lessons during your 6 month enrolment.

LEVELS ULTIMATE (Full Year): $2699.99 (a SAVINGS of more than $1500 off the regular cost) gets you 12 months of Levels UNLIMITED classes, PLUS 4 Workshops, PLUS 1 private lesson per month, some conditions apply.


Program Extras
Once you have joined Levels, you can earn your way into extra programming at no extra cost! Pass all the pink behaviours in your Levels book and you can join in the weekly off leash dog walk. Pass the pink and yellow behaviours and you can join the Summer Leash Club for a weekly on leash class in beautiful downtown Guelph. Pass Level 2 and you can join Games Night and Rally Moves. All of these activities are included in your enrolment, dependent on your dog's skill level.

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