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Friday Free Lectures for 2014


Play Play Lecture
April 11, 7pm

Do you know what play is and is not? Can you tell the difference? Do you know what to do when play goes bad? Join Sue, our Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine for an evening of information about play in dogs. Please register by emailing John at

Tracking Lecture
May 9, 7pm

We like to say that the nose knows! Dogs have been used for centuries to track down bad guys, find lost items and navigate through difficult terrain. Join us to learn all about how dogs do this, and how scent works. This lecture is required if you are going to participate in the workshop on May 10th for tracking with your dog. Please register by emailing John at

Environmental Enrichment Lecture
June 20, 7pm

An enriched environment is a healthier environment and contains a number of elements that help animals to cope better with stress and avoid boredom. Learn all about how to enrich your dog’s environment during this informative and information filled lecture. Please register by emailing John at

Multi-Dog Household Lecture
September 12 , 7pm

Do you live with more than one dog? Would you like to add a second dog to your home? If yes, then join us to learn some of the ways to keep multiple dogs happy in your home. Please register by emailing John at

Surviving Puppy’s Adolescence Lecture
October 17, 7pm

Many people don’t come to puppy class because puppies are often easy when they are young, but when they hit five to nine months of age they start getting more active and more creative. Join John the Puppy Guy as he helps you to learn strategies to help you get through this difficult time in your dog’s life. Please register by emailing John at


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