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We adopted our dog Blue from the Guelph SPCA in November 2004. He is a "labusky" cross, and is a very friendly, happy, obedient dog, and wants to please. It was obvious that someone had spent a lot of time on his basic training. But he had a serious flaw. It seemed that he had not been socialized at all with other dogs, and was very over exuberant meeting other dogs. He would bark and lunge and run up to them jumping and growling, he seemed to think this was the way to say "Wanna play?" He needed to learn doggy manners and fast, as he is a big guy (about 90 lbs).

We learned about Sue and her "Dogs in the Park" program, and called her shortly after getting Blue. Now, 9 months later, we have what we consider a perfect companion, thanks to Sue's guidance and helpful hints on handling Blue. We still go to "Good Dog" class to keep up his social skills, and he has learned to ignore most other dogs when walking.

We want to endorse Sue's training methods for coping with problem dogs; and we thank her for her time, patience and gentleness (mainly with Don and I, not Blue) in helping us to raise a great companion dog.

Don and Mary Grad

"My reactive dog Honey has improved tremendously: she can now walk politely on leash near other dogs, without snarling and lunging at them if they get too close. The credit is entirely due to walking classes with Sue Alexander and Dogs in the Park."

Ioana Sonea, DMV, PhD

Since working with Sue Alexander of Dogs In The Park, we have made more progress with our dog Chelsea than we ever thought possible.
We have worked with other trainers in the past, but not until we began working with Sue did we get the results we were hoping for.
Working with someone who has the knowledge and understanding for dogs with behavioral problems was important to us, but finding someone who also believes in treating these dogs with compassion and respect was also at the top of our list. Sue does all of this and more.
We highly recommend Sue Alexander to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer that can make a difference.


Lesley, Bob and Chelsea

When completing my Canadian conformation title with my Cardigan Corgi, I was encouraged by the breeder to enter the dog sport world. When first speaking with Sue Alexander , I told her this will be a hobby not my profession since, I find too many people take it too seriously. I did tell Sue I would like to succeed once Monti and I are ready to compete. Sue agreed with my approach but corrected me that there is such thing as a top Obedience Cardigan Corgi.

I have taken obedience classes at other schools but I find Sue Alexander has a total different approach of learning for both the dog and the handler combined. It is amazing what a clicker and some treats can do in a minute to a behaviour. Sue showed me how I can bring different behaviours out playing with my dog which I didn't think was possible.

20 weeks later being in various classes offered by Dogs in the Park, Monti and I are just refining our skills to be able to compete in obedience class for the Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club National Specialty. Thank you to Sue's encouragement, teaching and helpful hints during class/training otherwise, I don't think we would have been this close with any other school. Monti and I will continue to take workshops and group classes with Dogs in The Park to continue introducing and refining new behaviours.

I highly recommend anyone considering the dog sport world to at least give Sue's Foundations class a try.

Maja and Monti

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