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Photo Gallery

Eco has arrived!
Sue's next puppy has been born!

Lita in Good Dog Class

Astin walks the ladder in Walking Class

Maluta in Good Dog Class

Marcello with a Calming Cap(TM) in Good Dog Class

Rex tries the tunnel in Walking Class

Success for Rex!

Blue: The Good Dog

D'fer and Molly

Dog walks in the Good Dog Program

Good dogs playing in the pond

Wargas, Ripley, Blue and Caleb play

Caleb and Ripley sniff to show one another that they are both relaxed

Winnie: Playing the circle game

Winnie takes a treat in the circle game

Wargas, Caleb and Ripley socialize

Learning down at a distance in Good Dog Program

Perry: Vaccuming

Smore: Coffee Shop Sit Stay in Foundations